Lyric Jones - Grind Season In Athens

Miss Sunshine herself is gearing up for a show in Athens that is set to put her on top. Hold her responsible for bringing one of newest rap talents to Athens and making things happen for everyone on the bill. With performances all over both A's, Atlanta and Athens, she is aiding the hip hop scene in Bulldog Nation with her lyrical talent, soulful voice, and big smile.

Miss Solow Dolow: Great music always comes out of Athens. Describe the Athens music scene.
Lyric Jones: [sigh] Ok, Athens for the most part is dominated by indie rock, pop, alternative or metal bands. That’s the bread maker around here. Sometimes I think of going the rock route. [laughs] If it’s hip hop or rap, it'll have to be a Soulja Boy or Gucci Mane to actually see cats come out in the masses. The hip hop scene as a whole is doing much better than when I was a freshman back in 2006-07, but from what I heard from folks before me, the scene was even more authentic and appreciated before I came. Hip hop was valued. Now, things may appear cool and thriving on the hip hop scene here to everyone else outside of Athens, but the Hip Hop community is struggling to stay alive. Folks are not coming out to support [good music] so it is what it is. I guess all in all It’s straight.

MSD: Any new influences?
LJ: Shouts out to my big sis Boog Brown whom you've interviewed a couple weeks ago, I've really been inspired and motivated by her. She rocks and is one of my favorite artists right now.

MSD: Who would you like to collaborate with in either Athens or Atlanta?
LJ: In Athens, my man Kayez, he's been supporting me and helping me out since day one. In Atlanta, I have a few at the top of my radar currently. Conversations have been had with Stanza, Boog Brown, Aleon Craft, J-Live, The Remnant Crew, Chantae Cann, Tom P, The 5ive, Small Eyez, and my newest partner in crime Ness Lee.

MSD: How did you become involved with the show? Are you familiar with the lineup?
LJ: I became involved by proposing the initial idea to bring J. Cole to Adrian Zelski (co-owner of New Earth Music Hall). I know J. Cole personally and actually have been talking to him and his team about coming to Athens since I saw him in Boston last summer while he was on tour. From then on we all started a little hip hop caucus around this show and a few others (316 Connection and H.E.R. Hip Hop Showcase) to build the buzz around all the hip Hop shows going on at New Earth. J. Cole may be the biggest. The success of this show is extremely important to me. I'm pretty familiar with everyone. I've heard a lot of good things and I'm excited to see them smash.

MSD: What can the crowd expect Friday night?
LJ: Seriously, I got a good set, great energy, and live musicians. I go on right before J. Cole so I have no choice but to warm up the crowd for him to smash. I'm excited!

MSD: Any last words/upcoming projects?
LJ: Hopefully, with this J. Cole show, we can prove we can have high profile hip hop artists here.

MSD: How is the degree coming? Last time we talked that was your main upcoming project?
LJ: Oh I am in school huh? [laughs] I forget sometimes. It’s cool and fun for the most part. Very chill semester. Mainly with classes, we produce a daily news show. I've had the chance to be a news reporter, sports reporter, anchor, producer, etc. Good stuff for the resume reel.

MSD: And I know you're opening for ……yuuup?!
LJ: Shhhh!! I wasn't gonna announce that until Saturday. LOL, well, it's out now. YUUUP, opening for Trey Songz on April 29th in Athens @ Legion Field UGA 8pm. Check out my website